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SLRS Security Pvt. Ltd. offers a wide spectrum of industrial security services to help you ensure personnel safety, compliance with regulations, operational continuity, risk mitigation, loss prevention, and incident management. We are committed to delivering comprehensive security solutions tailored to the unique needs of your industry. 

We employ trained security experts to control and monitor activities within and around the premises, to provide a visible security presence and promptly respond to incidents. Our staff, trained under ex-military personnel, is equipped with strategic knowledge to establish a strong security framework customized to the needs and risks of diverse industries. Through regular training updates for staff and continuous improvement programs, we ensure that our team remains at the forefront of security best practices.  

We have developed strong emergency services to ensure rapid and coordinated response times in cases of security breaches or emergencies. This collaboration allows us to extend our reach and capability in providing immediate assistance, thereby enhancing the overall safety and security framework for our clients.  

We place a strong emphasis on preventative strategies. We advise on and implement best practices for internal security policies, employee training, and corporate culture that prioritizes security. We believe that a proactive attitude toward potential threats, combined with our comprehensive emergency management, is the key to maintaining the resilience and integrity of our clients’ operations. 


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Reliable Security for Diverse Industrial Needs

We protect your high-value goods, industrial plant, and machinery.

Our 24*7 Industrial Security Guard Services tackle challenges of factory premises, manufacturing plants, and warehouses through vigilant monitoring. Our team of security professionals enforces the most stringent safety protocols, ensuring uncompromised and strong security for your establishment.


Global Standard

We Maintain the Universal Standard in Industrial Security

We understand that each industry faces unique challenges and operates at global standards, which requires comprehensive risk assessments. As a leading industrial security company, we comply with global frameworks and protocols to ensure occupational health and safety.