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Comprehensive Facility Management with a Personal Touch

With SLRS, you will receive expert maintenance, space optimization, and safety for your assets. Our skilled and professional team manages every aspect of your organization’s infrastructure. From detailed equipment maintenance to maximizing space, we focus on operational excellence without sacrificing comfort. We place the well-being and productivity of your building’s users at the heart of our approach. Our expert staff offers the best cleaning, security, space management, transportation, and other services for any big or small organization. We customize comprehensive solutions that keep your facilities at peak performance, fostering an ideal environment for everyone.

We don’t just manage your buildings; we’re deeply invested in the well-being and productivity of every individual who interacts with them. Our facility management services continually prioritize the experience of your building’s occupants. By collaborating with SLRS, you’re not just opting for a service; you’re entering a partnership that embraces a holistic approach. We are committed to ensuring that your building functions seamlessly and exudes an environment of warmth, safety, and productivity.


State of Art services especially
designed to meet client’s specific requirements


Residential Complexes

We work with several residential societies across India as their facility management vendor.

Educational Institutions

We’ve been the proud facility management partners of many reputed educational institutions across the country.

PSUs and Institutions

Our extensive facility management portfolio also involves working with PSUs and institutions across various states in India.

Public and Private Banks

Our clientele also involves many public and private banks and their branches across India. We provide each with the best facility management services.


FMCG Industry

We continue to work with various companies from the FMCG sector as their facility management partner in different states of India.


Healthcare & Hospital

We are the facility management partners for hospitals and companies from healthcare. We provide facility management services to them for various states across India.


Transport (Airports, Metro and Railway Stations)

Our facility management services also cover the various facility management-related needs of airports, metro stations and railway stations throughout the country.


Pharmaceutical Sector

We serve several companies from the pharmaceutical sector with facility management services in various states in India.


Smart City Development Projects

We have participated in the development of Smart City projects in various states Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana.

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Customizable Services That Suit Your Needs

Our services are tailored to match your specific requirements, ensuring precision and satisfaction. Through adaptive solutions and a client-centric approach, we commit to delivering exactly what you need, when you need it.


Facility Management Excellence

Redefining Facility Management with Global Excellence

At SLRS, we don’t just offer facility management; we set the global standard. By integrating best practices from around the world, we ensure your organization’s assets function seamlessly, enhancing the well-being of all occupants.