SLRS Security Pvt. LTD

Security Guard

Join our team as a security guard and be the frontline of safety. We're seeking dedicated individuals who are vigilant, reliable, and committed to ensuring the security and protection of our clients and premises.

Cleaning Staff

Become a crucial part of our team as a cleaning staff member. We're in search of meticulous and dedicated individuals who take pride in maintaining cleanliness and hygiene.


We're looking for experienced leaders who can guide and motivate teams to success. If you have exceptional organizational and communication skills, and the drive to oversee and achieve excellence, join us.


Technical Staff

We're seeking passionate individuals with a knack for innovation and problem-solving. Join our team, work on cutting-edge projects, and be a part of a dynamic environment where your technical skills are valued and nurtured.


Non Technical Staff

We're looking for dedicated individuals with strong administrative, communication, and teamwork skills. Take the next step in your career journey and contribute to our thriving workplace.


Skilled Staff

We're searching for individuals with specialized expertise and a passion for excellence. Join us to contribute your skills, collaborate on innovative projects, and grow professionally in a dynamic and rewarding environment.


Semi- Skilled Staff

We're looking for motivated individuals eager to learn and contribute. If you have a willingness to grow and adapt, there's a place for you on our team.

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Un-Skilled Staff

We welcome individuals with a strong work ethic and enthusiasm for learning. Join our team, gain valuable experience, and explore opportunities for growth and development.