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SLRS Security Pvt. Ltd. provides customized bank security services to protect banks against physical threats and ensure that your customers feel safe about entrusting their assets to you. We provide comprehensive security solutions to prevent and promptly respond to criminal activities within and around the bank premises. Our skilled security staff includes armed and unarmed guards who are experts in on-site protection, patrol services for the exterior and interior of bank premises, and secure transportation of cash and valuable assets.  

One of the leading bank security guard services in India, SLRS helps banks ensure safety by deploying trained guards who act as a deterrent against potential criminal activities. We position static guards at entrances, exits, and vulnerable areas to monitor and control access and also provide regular foot and vehicle patrols around the property to detect and deter unauthorized activities. We also train bank staff in emergency procedures and coordination during unforeseen incidents to help banks protect their premises, personnel, and assets, thereby ensuring operational continuity and maintaining the trust of their customers.  

Simple, strong, and steadfast—that’s the promise of our security. With us, your bank is protected 24/7. 

Choose your bank’s safety, choose SLRS! 


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Leading Bank Security Guard Agency in India

We Deliver Top-Tier Protection with Advanced Security Measures

Our trained and skilled guards ensure the safety of your assets, comply with regulatory standards, and that your customers feel safe about choosing you by evaluating current security measures, identifying potential security threats and vulnerabilities, and developing strategies to mitigate identified risks.


Global Standard

World-class security for 24/7 asset protection

Operating with military precision, we implement global best practices to ensure secure transactions and impenetrable defence against physical threats to banks’ integrity and client assets. Our operations conform to international security standards to ensure a safe banking environment worldwide.